J.C. Leyendecker

It’s taken me a long time to finally post these images! Last summer, I spent an incredible morning studying several key J.C. Leyendecker Saturday Evening Post paintings up close and in person, and was able to take the following detail shots of a few of them. I’ll keep the owner’s identity anonymous to preserve privacy, and will just state that it was a incredible pleasure to have had this wonderful opportunity. Leyendecker is one of my all-time favorite artists, and a huge influence on my own work, and so I’m grateful to have been able to take these shots in order to continue to study his brushwork. Click on the images to see even larger versions, where you can revel in every detail of the canvas texture and each brushstroke. Enjoy!



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  1. 1 Scott Irvine

    Wow, amazing work, i love seeing works up close

  2. 2 Carlos Ranna

    Visual orgasm… Hope it was as good to all of you as it was to me.

    Thanks a lot for those wonderful images!

  3. 3 complex-s

    Leyendecker = <3

  4. 4 Tyler Charlton

    Thanks for sharing these incredible images. I, too, am a big fan of his work. The exhibition that, I think, was in Stockton, CA, was also shown at the Gari Melchers studio/home/museum out in my neck of the woods on the East Coast and I got to see a bunch of his Saturday Evening Post work and his Kellogg’s corn flakes material, too. I was really struck by how much his work as an engraver influenced how he worked as a painter. At least that’s something that I took from it…. such wonderfully deliberate brush strokes.

  5. 5 Paigey

    Mmmmmm…. art pr0n… ;d

  6. 6 Elwood

    Thanks, Scott, what a treasure. Seeing his work up close is like eating the best frosting on the best cake ever made.

  7. 7 Bob Mrotek

    Breathtaking! Obviously the work of a genius. Thank you.

  8. 8 jwbjerk

    Many thanks, this art is unbelievably good.

  9. 9 Jennifer Miller

    Everything is so perfectly placed, yet with every sroke you feel life bursting out. How?! Awesome. Visual orgasm indeed. Thanks so much for taking the time to share!!

  10. 10 Dave Dubé

    Found you via Charley Parker, but I came not so much for the Leyendecker post (well, that was the initial reason), but because Charley said to check out your art as well. I can see now after perusing your posts that you chose wisely. ;o)

  11. 11 Bobby Pitt

    very nice

  12. 12 Daniel Caylor

    Thanks for sharing. I have the book, but these are gravy. I’ll link to your post. :)

  13. 13 David Gianfredi

    Wow, he is right next to Rockwell in my book…

  14. 14 Clean3d

    Thank you! Leyendecker is such an inspiration.

  15. 15 Charlene

    This was an amazing sight!! I was just mesmorized at the intriquet detailed work here. Makes me want to get up and paint now.

  16. 16 Joe Spencer


  17. 17 joss

    Dream come true

  18. 18 Rodney Pike

    Thanks for this spectacular tribute to a great artist and illustrator. Leyendecker and Rockwell were both enormous influences on me an my work as well. I love the confident brushwork of Leyendecker. This really made my day! Thanks again and best of luck to you and your art.

    Rodney Pike

  19. 19 Mark Hammermeister

    I’m flat out speechless. Thanks so much for sharing this collection of my favorite illustrator close up.

  20. 20 Rodney Pike

    I hope you don’t mind Scott, I shared you on my Facebook page.


  21. 21 ash johnston

    great detail shots! very structured and precise brushwork. the chrome horse is ridiculously good…
    thanks for sharing.

  22. 22 Scott

    While I figured this post would get some attention, I wasn’t quite expecting this! Thanks to both Drawn and Lines & Colors for their mentions, and thanks to all of the commenters for chiming in. I hope you’ll come back and visit the blog again.

  23. 23 Tony H.

    According to studies, JC was, obviously, a very methodical painter. He wasn’t as much painting as was drawing — he drew with his brush strokes. His average painting technique came down to 4 layers: under-painting, mid-tone, darks, and highlights. This is basically what everyone does, but he did it without much blending of the paints. He mixed the paints on palette and laid them down as a definitive stroke. And that’s amazing. Every shade and tone was figured out in his head before putting down on canvas.

  24. 24 Ignacio Noé

    Thanks you for these great images of this great artist!!

  25. 25 marina

    Thank you so much for this great post!!

  26. 26 cb

    thanks so much for sharing these. I just only recently started to appreciate Leyendecker. But your work reminds me a lot of his! I never realized that he used such thick paint until you posted the close ups. Even in art books, you really can’t see it that well. He did such an amazing job following through with each stroke – very bold and confident! Anyway, thanks again and I love your blog!

  27. 27 Pattie Wall

    Thanks for posting these. One really can’t appreciate the great brushwork from the print of these great paintings.

  28. 28 william wray

    When I was 16 ( 1970’s I did a coming of age trip with Rick Hoberg were we hitchhiked to San Francisco I had only just been introduced to JCL by Bil Stout– Walking along a gallery district one afternoon we say a JCL in a window– Walking in all these covers were on display- at least 20 of his very best covers. It seems like a dream now. I’ve never seen them all together since.

  29. 29 Kyle T Webster

    Sheesh! Fantastic!!!

  30. 30 Rose Graham

    great detail shots! very structured and precise brushwork. the chrome horse is ridiculously good… thanks for sharing.

  31. 31 Bud Moon

    After January 1st, 2011 — check out J. C. Leyendecker EBAY listings! After 30 years of collecting, I am liberating a killer selection of the coveted Kuppenheimer Style Books….the fashion catalogs that showcased Leyendecker’s illustrations. This stuff is ultra-rare and some of the illustrations were ONLY seen in …these Style Books. Do NOT miss out on this killer opportunity to acquire some of these items….the Holy Grail of Leyendecker collecting. My EBAY listings will feature over 26 of these gems…some are super-unique and obscure. Good Luck if you decide to participate!


    Email me for a list of items.


  32. 32 Marla Thirsk

    Wonderful to see such work from a personal icon. Just wondering, though, if the artwork was framed (as it seems to appear) right up against the glass? That would be a HUGE horror – a costly mistake if so.
    Thank you for the inspiration your work always gives me.

  33. 33 Scott

    Marla, not to worry—there was no glass on any of the frames. The shadow you’re seeing is simply from the depth of the wooden frames.

  34. 34 Jon

    Amazing, thanks.

  35. 35 Matt Jones

    Thanks for posting all of these! Its’ really exciting and valuable to see all that brushwork up close and in isolation. Fabulous!

  36. 36 Eduardo de Castro

    thanx for sharing!!! awesome artworks!

  37. 37 Stephen Shub

    Thank you so much for this post. It comes at a very opportune time for me.

  38. 38 Dan R

    Awesome, so much life in every stroke! Thanks for sharing!

  39. 39 Jordan Hines

    Not just a few hours away is a great repository of (JC) Leyendecker paintings. Granted from Santa Barbara, Stockton CA is a ways, but well worth the trip. In the Haggin Museum, they have a full room loaded with paintings by JC, including a portrait of his less famous illustrating brother, Frank Xavier. This collection is amazing, not to mention the Jean Louis Geromes’, and Albert Bierstadts’, and of course William Adolphe Bouguereau – The Nymphaeum. I hope you enjoy what unique items the curator has guided the museum to collect for over 40 years. It is a true treasure and an anomaly for a museum to show and indeed highlight an illustrator among “fine artists”

    -jordan hines


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